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North Hampshire Physiotherapy and Podiatry

To all our service user we would like to thank you for all your ongoing support with this service. This service will be ending with effect from the 31st March 2020 and will transfer to Circle Integrated Care. From the 1st April, please contact Circle on 01256 869401 or email

We offer adults over 16 assessment, advice, exercise and treatment to assist you with your musculoskeletal related conditions that may include problems with joints, soft tissue and muscles.

We treat any musculoskeletal (MSK) joint or soft tissue problem using a range of physiotherapy techniques including manual therapy, exercise and acupuncture. This may include problems such as shoulder pain, hip pain, knee or foot pain including arthritis. We can also help with other joint problems such as frozen shoulder, muscle tears/strains/sprains (including ankle and knee sprains), and knees locking or giving way.

If you are required to see a podiatrist for a lower limb problem, they may prescribe you with orthotics (customised insoles) or in some instances may offer an injection.

The North Hampshire Physiotherapy and Podiatry service is a community based service for the patients and GPs in the North Hampshire area. We have an experienced, professional and knowledgeable team of physiotherapists and podiatrists who can offer a wide range of treatment and advice. We aim to help you gain a good understanding of your condition in order to help you manage it more effectively.

We have modern and clean facilities that offer a welcoming environment for our patients. We take pride in the service we offer and our aim is to provide healthcare of the highest quality.

How to access the service

We work closely with the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service run by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Your GP will need to refer you to the MSK triage service where your referral will be viewed by a clinician and a decision made on how best to initiate your treatment.  Following triage, you will be contacted to advise of the outcome.

In some instances you will be seen by the MSK Service before being referred to us but in others they will refer you directly to the North Hampshire Physiotherapy and Podiatry Service. This is because, based on the information provided by your GP, the triage clinician feels that physiotherapy and/or podiatry is the best option for you at this time.

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Great service. Explanations clear and really felt I was given good time during sessions.